Marigό Carmen is a greek-colombian visual artist based in Athens. She is an Athens School of Fine Arts graduate.

Her work is based on symbolism, abstract expressionism and primitivism. The source of her inspiration is the personal development of the individual combined with various myths and philosophies around the world. Mysticism & Communion are the keywords of her projects.

Starting with her Thesis, "Adentro", she focused on the idea of death & rebirth. Based on a sentence by Lao Tzu:  “What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.”  Her second project, named: "Peces del Puerto", was about the birth of the new from the old self after love. Just like roman god Janus, god of beginnings, who was renewing everything again and again, year after year, the exhibition was a ritual of leaving the old behind and welcoming the new. Her latest project "Jardín de los dioses y los titanes" is about the defeat of fear symbolized by the death of little Dionysus and his rebirth with the help of goddess Rhea.




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